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OR, Operations & Research, focus on different levels and can so bring a bunch of services, from Computer to Business to Travel. The experience gained on these fields will give you a golden level.

Computer consultancy

We help you bring your IT systems into alignment with your business goals and objectives. We can help you with everything from optimizing your workflow to rolling out new services making sure that your technology supports your vision throughout the process.

Management of computer facilities

We can monitor your critical systems 24 hours a day and make sure that they have the most uptime possible. We can make sure that everything is patched and up to date and that your backups and virus protection are working as they should be. We can also tackle day-to-day end user issues.

IT development

When you are in need of custom made scripts, programs, websites, ... We will develop that what you need. By listing to what you need and giving input that's based on experience and the last technologies.

Data processing

We are hands-on with your data. When we work with you, we will take a personal interest. Your data will be processed in the most possible way you want.

Business services

It's our mission to help you meet your business needs through a multitude of high-quality services that come together seamlessly to effectively increase your business. We will help your business tackle challenges that arises.


You have a website but don't want to manage it, well keeping your website up and running is what is importing for us. From domainname to uptime, we will arrange it all for you.


The companay is in need of calculations or a complex problem where a computer system can help. By using computer technology, hardware and/or software, we will assist you to achieve the result you envisioned.

Advice and information on travel

You love to travel but you don't like to arrange everything. Trust us to do it for you. We can give you information to experienced advice for your next travel. It's our goal to give the trip an as smooth as possible experience.